We reverse the traditional agents’ contracts which for too long have incentivized their realtor to work against their client’s best interests.


Learn why agents tend to get more money when selling their own home and how you now can too.


ListWise is what you get when real estate industry experts and technological innovators unite to passionately change the way we do business for the better.

What Our Customers Say

Making use of ListWise made selling our house so easy plus it saved us about $18,000 in commissions! From the time we first thought about selling our place, through staging, pricing, listing, and eventual selling, ListWise staff answered all our questions, dealt with our concerns, and provided expert advice the whole way through.

Ryan H., San Diego, CA

Listwise simply made sense to me when I looked at selling my home. The service provided listing on the internet through MLS – which everyone uses to look for homes – provided the contracting guidance that I needed, and was vastly more affordable than paying the normal percentage that the Listing Agent would require. I kept more money, hit the […]

Matt M. , Fallbrook, CA

Using ListWise was the best decision I could have made. They were extremely knowledgeable on best practices for staging our home thoroughly analyzed the local market to establish the ideal price to list. All that and I saved a ton of money. I am telling everyone to use ListWise.

Walter M, Orange County, CA

Listing Providers

Your home featured on Every Major property site where buyers are searching for their next home.

ListWise Insight

97% of all home buyers use the internet to buy their home.

The secret to selling your home for top dollar- fast is to get your home in front of as many buyers as possible and then let the selling agent do the hard work of completing the deal.

News From ListWise

Staging Your Home to Get Top Dollar for Four Home – Fast. #2

Mercilessly declutter every room in the house– and then declutter some more.   Without dispute, the number one no cost money-making improvement is to jettison all that stuff that just accumulates over time.  Clutter eats away at equity.  One easy way to maximize the appeal of your home is to chuck all the clutter.  It is supremely important that buyers can […]


December 4, 2015    |    Posted by Tyler Geffeney

Staging Your Home to Get Top Dollar for Your Home – Fast #1

Professional home flippers’ secret to making money is the expertise in knowing which improvements bring a return far greater than they cost.  And what may surprise you is that many of these improvements cost little or nothing.  And yet these simple and affordable techniques have demonstrated that they will fetch more $$money per square foot than the comparable homes in […]


December 3, 2015    |    Posted by Tyler Geffeney

The Secret of Who Really Benefits from Open Houses: Hint: its not the Seller.

I am going to let you in on one of the best kept secrets of the Real Estate industry. As the story goes, it is essential that a listed home be regularly held open to the public for viewing in order to adequately market the house. We understand that this is precisely so that the gads of eager buyers driving […]


December 3, 2015    |    Posted by Tyler Geffeney

Frequently Asked Questions

In just three easy steps your home could be sold. Each of these steps are detailed here.

At any time you can email support@listwise.com and request updates or changes be made to you listing. Most requests are completed within 24 hours and we send you a link to the updated listing so you can confirm the update was made to your satisfaction.

Many considerations go into setting the optimal price for selling your home. And there is nearly as much art to it as science. As a feature of our listing services.

We know that getting top dollar is of course on everyone’s mind. Yet prevailing features of the real estate market also weight in. As well there is often the sellers’ need for timing their sale to coincide with a pending purchase or other circumstances. These and others are just some of the many considerations which should weigh in on one’s pricing strategy. ListWise includes expert professional counsel from our seasoned staff of real estate specialists to help you set an optimal price for your home. Call or email our experienced staff at anytime before or during your listing.

Our fees to most people seem too good to be true so we get this question a lot. And the short answer is no. The long answer is nooooooooooo. Sure we could charge more, but what most excites us is doing something remarkable in the market and making a significant contribution toward our mission to enrich the lives of all people. Here is a our story in a nutshell.

We saw in the antiquated real estate industry a lot of waste and realized it was long overdue for a move into the 21st Century. So we put the most brilliant computer and internet geeks together with our veteran real estate experts realizing something magical was bound to happen. Every conceivable innovation and technological efficiency was put into practice with the sole intention to pass the savings on to our clients.

But if you just can’t bear the thought of saving all that money by paying a fair price for listing your home, we do have another option for you. Our company supports a charity which funds housing and other life necessities for the less advantaged – namely in Guatemala and other 3rd world nations. If you feel you must insist on paying more for our services perhaps we could entice you to join us in contributing to the betterment of our dear friends in Quatemala. To find out more about our nonprofit, click here.

Many homeowners feel overwhelmed at the thought of all the paperwork associated with buying and selling a home. But really its not all that complicated. Okay, admittedly some of why we can say that is because we have been exposed to thousands of these transaction. But seriously, even the real estate neophyte can find that most everything is quite rudimentary if they can just take a deep breath and look over the forms. The mystique of the paperwork is likely to vanish and soon you will become a real estate paperwork expert. Let us break it down for you.

(1): The first set of paperwork encountered in the sales process after you list your home will be the offers you receive to purchase your home. This paperwork will be prepared by whatever agent is representing the buyer whether it is one of the professional staff at ListWise or another agency. Such offers will then be presented to you by the buyer’s agent at which time you can of course ask any questions for clarification during the time in which you are considering the offer. And in instances where ListWise is not representing the buyer and you feel that the agent is not making things clear, you can always contact our live support team to ask any questions for clarification. And in response, you will also often want to write up a counter offer which is used to essentially accept the offer but with a few changes to the specific terms (i.e. price, timing for the close of escrow, what’s included with the price, etc). ListWise will provide you a blank counter offer form on which you merely list a set of bullet points outlining each of the changes you are requesting to the original offer. To see an example Click here.

(2): Once both parties agree on the terms, the agreement is then made official with signatures from both parties. From here we must then open escrow (see FAQ: Who will we use for Escrow / Title?)   Your escrow officer will work directly with you to ensure that all the escrow procedures and documents are filled out and submitted properly. In addition there will be certain seller disclosures that will be required to be filled out by the seller to be given to the buyer. In the absence of a Listing Agent, the buyer’s agent will be required to ensure all these forms are filled out and submitted to ensure compliance with proper disclosure requirements.      Any questions you have can and should be answered by the buyer’s agent but of course too if you would like further assurance you can contacts our support line at any time.

Darn skippy we will. And not your ordinary every day variety of sign either. Each for sale sign is custom to the home with its own unique 4 digit pin that anyone who is interested in getting immediately pictures, pricing, and all the listing details of your home can text to our 855-ListWis (547-8947) number and receive back a link which will showcase your home right on their smart phone. If you’re curious what that looks like, try it now and use “0001”.

If you do, you will also notice that our system will automatically follow up with every inquiry to see if the house was indeed a fit for the buyer and encourage them to schedule a viewing. Compared to the all too often empty brochure box, or worse yet the ones filled with flyers that are wet and warped with dew and which are quickly forgotten by the people who grabbed them and tossed into their back seat, our method is far preferable. We maximize the probabilities they will follow through with seeing your home and never run out of flyers.

Ready to find your perfect home? Let’s get started.

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