I wanted to truly enrich people’s lives and make a lasting impact on our industry.  I have never been more excited about a business than with ListWise.

Tyler Geffeney, Founder

"A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd." - Max Lucado

We began with nothing but a blank slate and a relentless passion to reform the way our industry does business.  We assumed nothing.  With a playful enthusiasm which admittedly at times strayed to reckless, we pulled it together, and had a blast doing it.  There were innumerable late nights where we meticulously scrutinized every activity related to selling a home where we subjected everything to the fundamental question “who is it really benefitting, the seller or the agent”?

What we discovered was profound and disturbing. Yah I was stunned, but shouldn’t have been!

Most all of the activities agents busy their weeks with are predominantly self-serving and don’t really benefit the client.  Some quick examples of what I mean would help I think.

The dirty little secret about open houses is that they have practically nothing to do with selling your house but rather has everything to do with finding new clients and giving the appearance of earning the hefty listing commission (read more about this here).  The same is just as true with regarding to mailing out Just Listed and Just Sold flyers of your home to your neighborhood (learn more here).

These any many other realities became the flint rocks that sparked Listwise.com. Once conceived, we knew that we will forever change our industry for the better.  We are going to profoundly enrich peoples’ lives which I have longed to fulfill.

We couldn’t wait to implement.

ListWise.com now offers only those services that will bring true value to our clients and a price that for the first time is reasonable. With the technical amenities to streamline our entire process we maintain the highest saving rates while offering the best value service in the market.

Oh and unlike traditional agent relationships, our agency aligns our goals with our clients’. To understand better, check out this video from the guys at Freakonomics at the left of this page.

We are in an age where free information sharing and technology is utterly transforming long-held assumption in how we do business.   We are setting out to reform real estate similarly to what Uber has done to taxi services, AirBnB has done to the hospitality business, and Legal Zoom has done for legal services.  Embracing the same principles, we have simplified the clutter and eliminated the excess and now offer an entirely fresh approach to selling real estate. When countless others told us it was impossible we did it anyway.

And this is just the beginning for us! We promise even more innovations soon.

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