Staging Your Home to Get Top Dollar for Four Home – Fast. #2

Staging Your Home to Get Top Dollar for Four Home – Fast. #2

Mercilessly declutter every room in the house– and then declutter some more.  


Without dispute, the number one no cost money-making improvement is to jettison all that stuff that just accumulates over time.  Clutter eats away at equity.  One easy way to maximize the appeal of your home is to chuck all the clutter.  It is supremely important that buyers can see themselves living comfortably in hour house. And seeing all your stuff lying around crowds their imagination from being able to picture their things fitting.   The emptier the space the easier it is to conjure images of being able to move in.

Moreover, a home is meant to serve as a retreat from the frantic pace of life.  Buyers want to feel the peace and tranquility that only simple and orderly living environments can confer.  A cluttered home makes for a poor refuge from our chaotic lives.

Rarely do home sellers declutter enough.  To get an idea of what we are shooting for, imagine visiting the model home in a new development and picture the amount of personal items you would likely see strewn about.   Hardly any, right?

Of course you still need to live in your home and there is a point in which the lack of accessories becomes nearly unlivable. To strike the optimal balance, essentially you are shooting for as close to that model home equivalent as you can muster yet paring it back as much as you will need to avoid making your living arrangements unbearably inconvenient.  Achieving this balance is the key.  Therefore, to discern which of your stuff to eradicate from the premises ask yourself “can I tolerate living without that while I am selling my home?”

Here are some specific ideas room for room.


Kitchen:  The utilitarian feel from a well-ordered kitchen feeds on the universal desire we all have for a sumptuous meal.  And our overworked lives strive for convenience and ease of use which a tidy arrangement of cooking implements conveys.  Remove at least ½ of all the pots, pans, appliances, and nick knacks stuffed in each drawer.  Everything should have its own space, not crowded together so that it is easy to grab.  And avoid stacking anything unless it is part of a set that was specifically designed for that (e.g. pans, measuring spoons, Tupperware) Clear the counters as much as possible and clear the fridge of all magnets and pictures.


<Closets:  leave 30 – 40% of the closet shelf space empty to convey the presence of adequate spaciousness.  Think of folding and hanging everything in a fashion that you might see in a department store.


Garage:  I mention the garage because the  Men crave utility and drawn to fanciful notions of well ordered garage is vital.


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