Staging Your Home to Get Top Dollar for Your Home – Fast #1

Staging Your Home to Get Top Dollar for Your Home – Fast #1

Professional home flippers’ secret to making money is the expertise in knowing which improvements bring a return far greater than they cost.  And what may surprise you is that many of these improvements cost little or nothing.  And yet these simple and affordable techniques have demonstrated that they will fetch more $$money per square foot than the comparable homes in the same neighborhood.

Everyone’s goal is to get TOP DOLLAR on the sale of your home. This post begins a series therefore in which we at ListWise are going to invite you into the inner circle of what we flippers have effectively used for decades to ensure our listings make the best possible impression and receive highest offers!

So If you want top dollar for your home you must stage the property.   Bearing in mind too that you only have one chance to make that crucial first impression it is important to do what you can before you take your pictures and list your home.

And don’t worry if your budget is tight and you are not able to hire a professional.  Our guide will show you how to do it all yourself and you can decide what is and isn’t in your budget.

Once again, first impressions really do matter:


Typically a buyer will decide to pass on your home within the first 30 seconds.  And the outside of your home is the first thing buyers will see. Because in real estate there is such a thing as love at first site, ensuring your home has the optimal curb appeal is paramount.  And the hordes of buyers searching on the internet will often base their decision on whether to come see your home purely on the picture of the home’s façade.

First you must gauge the state of your home’s curb appeal stand across the street (not in the street).  And take notice if anything stands out as an eye sore?  Are any of the best features obscured?  And it is absolutely essential to de-clutter (you will hear this word repeated countless times)! Remove all debris from entire yard, clip dead or sagging foliage, stash kids toys, hide trash cans, mow, trim, edge the sidewalk & driveway, trim bushes, wash the windows, blow debris off the roof, etc.  And if any paint is visibly chipping, a quick scraping, sanding and painting is highly advisable


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