Calculate Your Advantage

Discover the advantages of the ListWise approach, leveraging an incentive-based contract and agent competition, compared to the traditional method.

Begin by entering your home's approximate value, representing its expected average sale price with a traditional agent. Then, customize the impact of enhanced financial incentives and increased agent competition. Research indicates that improved financial incentives lead to higher sale prices, while greater agent competition reduces costs on average. With each home sale being unique, we provide you with the flexibility to tailor these assumptions and witness the evolving impact firsthand. Our mission is to empower homeowners like you to explore the full range of potential outcomes and make informed decisions.

Sales Proceeds vs. Sales Price

Average ListWise Advantage

The table shows the average commission and sale proceeds for both the ListWise and the traditional approach. However, since homes can sell for more or less than expected, we also include the chart on the right so you can see the proceeds after commissions for a range of sale prices. Notice that the ListWise approach results in a flatter line which means your sale proceeds vary less. If your home doesn’t sell for as much as you expected, you are better off because you pay the listing agent less. As your sale prices go higher, you share the gains with the listing agent who helped deliver those better results.

Using the ListWise approach reduces your risk, and it helps you make more money when selling your home.