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We've created a better way to hire and pay real estate agents that gets you the best price for your home, and you only pay the agent for the results they deliver.

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The Solution

Our solution is simple but effective – work with great agents, negotiate the best terms, and use an incentive-based commission structure.

Align Incentives

Our incentive contract is based on extensive economic and behavioral research. It maximizes the sale price of your home by aligning your agent's incentives with yours.
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Encourage Competition

We make it easy for you to compare multiple agents and negotiate the best terms. It's also more efficient for agents, so they can offer you better terms.
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Make it Win-Win

Our approach creates a win-win outcome for homeowners and great real estate agents. You sell your home for more money and the agent gets paid for the value they add.
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What Our Sellers Say

Hear what what sellers have to say after using ListWise for a simplified approach to hiring a real estate agents and achieving the best price for your home.
I used ListWise and am super pleased with the results! They made everything easy for me, and the incentive commission worked great. Also, my house set a record price for my neighborhood.

Dale, Laguna Niguel, CA

I would recommend to anyone that they follow your process and meet multiple agents. It really makes a difference to feel that you are making the most informed decision possible.

Ryan, Corona, CA

They showed us a way to hire an agent and sell a home that we didn’t even know existed

Nancy and Robert, Stuart, Florida

Using ListWise is Easy

Our process and tools match you with agents that are incentivized to get the highest price for your home.


Tell us about your property and what qualities you want in your ideal agent.


We search for great local agents, show you the best matches, and schedule a time for you to meet the agents you select.


Agents prepare customized offers to compete for your business. We have tools to make comparing the offers easy.

Hire your

Hire the best agent for you using our simple, incentive-based listing agreement.

See how much you could save with ListWise in our custom calculator


Is ListWise a real estate brokerage or agent?

ListWise is a platform that connects homeowners with great local real estate agents who are willing to work under an incentive-based commission structure. We do not directly employ agents to sell your home. Instead, we make it easy for you to connect with multiple agents that match your specific needs, compare offers from them, and hire the agent of your choice with an incentive contract, ensuring that whoever you hire is motivated to help you get the highest price for your home.

Are there any obligations to trying ListWise?

No, there are no obligations or commitments to try ListWise. If you try ListWise and don’t want to move forward with any of the agents or incentive contracts we obtained, you are free to hire a real estate agent outside ListWise just as you normally would.

Do you sell my data or provide it to agents?

We prioritize your privacy. We do not sell your data or share it with real estate agents without your explicit consent. Agents only receive your contact information when you authorize us to share it, which is typically during the process of confirming appointments to view your home. Your data is protected with strict privacy policies and security measures. Your trust and privacy are paramount to us.

How does ListWise make money or get paid?

ListWise receives compensation from agents for assisting them in finding and efficiently competing for listings. When a successful home sale occurs for a homeowner that we matched with an agent, the agent pays ListWise a fee. The homeowner does not incur any costs or fees when using ListWise's services.

Can I use ListWise even if I already have a preferred agent in mind?

Absolutely! If you have specific agents you'd like to work with, simply provide their names at the beginning of the process. If they have worked with us before, we will include them in the list of recommended agents for your property. If they haven't worked with us, we will reach out to them, explain our incentive-based approach, and invite them to participate.

ListWise offers valuable transparency and options in the agent selection process. Even if you have a preferred agent, it's beneficial to have multiple offers and perspectives. This allows you to make an informed decision and ensure you're getting the best value for your real estate needs.